Are you looking for a premium quality photography service in Tampa Bay?​​​

Worry no more - Photography by Judy B is here to help!

Here are the services that we offer:

  1. General photography service:
    Photography by Judy B is your "go-to" business for photography services. We cover weddings, birthdays, family functions, sporting events, business meetings, and live performances. In addition, we also specialize in kiddie and family portraits.
  2. Seamless editing & proofing:
    After every photo shoot, we will do an initial proofing of the images. This will help you determine if certain adjustments are needed. The next phase is the final proofing wherein you can get the finished images as soon as possible. Your time won't be wasted with our smooth process!
  3. Unlimited images:
    While other photography businesses have a cap on the number of images shot, we offer unlimited shots for 1-hour sessions. With this advantage, you will have many options to choose from. Since we have mastered the craft, we promise the best shots within the allotted time frame.
  4. Business cards with images:
    Do you need business cards with realistic images? We can help you with that! We will take the best shots for you and incorporate them in business card templates. Now, you will have high-quality business cards that can deliver awesome results!
  5. Excellent pricing
    It's time to forget about other photography businesses that might overcharge you and drain your wallet dry! Our photography service is designed effectively to match your budget. If you have doubts, call us or send an email. We will give you the most practical yet effective solution.